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We work with leaders who are constantly evolving and aspire to become exceptional


As your career progresses, there will be fewer and fewer people to help you be an exceptional leader


There is often an assumption that, because you have been given the top job, you know all the answers and possess all the skill sets. It is true that throughout your career you will have gained relevant experience and skills for the role. It is also true that only the most intractable and challenging problems are passed up the hierarchy, the easiest problems having been solved at first appearance. Leaders at the top need to draw on many different resources to tackle all the most challenging decisions


We provide a unique relationship, working 1-1 with CEOs (and those aspiring to become one), acting as a confidential sounding board, providing insights and tools to accelerate your success

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be»

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Our Credentials

We are experts in leadership development at board level


Our experience gives us a unique global perspective on leadership across industries and sectors


We have experience of working at the most senior level in organisations, both in executive and non-executive capacities. We have seen what works and have experienced the pitfalls of taking the top responsibility


We have successfully prepared many people to take on the top job


We are different…

We only work with leaders and organisations on a quest to becoming exceptional – the best they can be in a truly authentic way


There is no blueprint of an exceptional leader. Authenticity is one of the most important attributes


Understanding who you are and how you come across as a leader is a crucial first step.


at the heart of leadership

For individuals who have recently been appointed to a top leadership position or who aim to take a step up in the next 1-2 years

For leaders who aspire to become exceptional and are prepared to challenge themselves to get there

Lloyd Wigglesworth is CEO of CEO Coaching. He is an experienced leader having run 7 different companies and served on a number of Boards, including FTSE 100. Over 25 years, he has gained experience in many different sectors. He set up CEO Coaching with a passion to see more exceptional leaders in business who can create outstanding organisations.

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